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PP Dyeing drum
Detailed Description
The revolving drum has the special characteristics as bellows:
1. The structure of the revolving drum is made up of the drum body (made of PP) and the metal frame. Thus, it's with the merits of less weight, large volume and heavy load.
2. It's with the function of automatic circulation of the drum's liquid and the temperature control (heating). With the principle of the whirlpool-typed drainage, the drum's liquid could have the automatic circulation and the thermostatic control driven by the running of the revolving drum. Thus, the technology is more reasonable and practical.
3. It's with the function of automatic quantitative watering. By setting the water quantity to be added, then it could have the automatic quantitative watering and display the temperature of the added water accordingly.
4. The drainage is very easy and rapid. The sewerage would be drained to the discharge outlet from the hole of the axis directly.
5. The driving part is equipped with the special deceleration motor. The big gearwheel is the nylon one with high strength, wear resistance and self-lubrication. Thus, it's with the advantages of no noise, no abrasion, easy maintenance and long service life.
6. It's controlled with the frequency converter and the PLC program for multiple functions including stepless speed regulation, flexible starting, retarding braking, positioned stopping, automatic normal or inverse circulative running, total-time control, safety protection, temperature control by the drum's liquid, quantitative watering, etc.
7. The inner of the drum is smooth, without any dead angle. Thus, it's very easy for cleaning, without color bonding or any residue. It's particularly suitable for dyeing different colors.
8. The whole machine is with thermal insulation, energy saving, high efficiency, no pollution, whole installation and beautiful appearance. It's a kind of new-typed environmental-protective revolving drum.
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Add: 98, west renmin road,sheyang district,yancheng city,Jiangsu province,China.
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